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Our goal is to show more people how to make origami while helping them improve their skills and promoting artists and others in the international paper folding community. If you’ve never folded anything before and want to learn how, we have an excellent guide for beginners. We have a giant database of free diagrams and video instructions too. Our blog features amazing work from a variety of very talented artists.


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1.There are two types of camels: One humped or “dromedary” camels and two humped Bactrian camels.

2. Camels have three sets of eyelids and two rows of eyelashes to keep sand out of their eyes.

3.Camels have thick lips which let them forage for thorny plants other animals can't eat. 

Flying Cicada

1.Cicadas can survive a huge fall as babies, or nymphs.

2. The loud whirring or buzzing sound you hear is an all-male cicada chorus.

3. They're true bugs (from the order Hemiptera).


1. A giant panda is much bigger than your teddy bear.

2.Giant pandas are good at climbing trees and can also swim.

3. Pandas go from pink to white and black (or brown).


1. In the world of snakes, female King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the only snake that builds nest.

2. King Cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world.

3. Just like other animals, snakes shed their skin too (moulting) 


1. Pigeons are incredibly complex and intelligent animals.

2.  Pigeons are renowned for their outstanding navigational abilities.

3.  Pigeons are highly sociable animals.

Teddy Bear

1. The term bear-hug was first recorded in 1846.

2.  The Teddy Bears' Picnic song was originally called The Teddy Bear Two Step.

3.  The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first use of the term teddy bear to 1906.


1. They're the world's largest land animal.

2.  You can tell the two species apart by their ears.

3.  Their trunks have mad skills.


1. Whales are divided into two main groups.

2.  Humpback whales don't eat for most of the year.

3. All toothed whales have a 'melon' in their foreheads. 


1. Turtles live all over the world.

2.  Turtles and tortoises aren't the same thing.

3.  Turtles are some of the oldest animals around.

“ If you know origami then you would never get bored because you can always fold papers to create something new. ”

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